Divorce Attorneys Are Necessary When Considering a Divorce

Finding a good and well-qualified divorce attorney is paramount to ensuring both parties are treated fairly under the laws of the state the divorce will be processed in and to ensure both parties are protected against further harm in the legal action to follow. The first thing to do if you are considering a divorce is RESEARCH. Do not just pick any attorney from the Yellow Pages as you may regret it for the rest of your life as you only have one chance to settle the divorce. When looking for a well-qualified divorce attorney, one of the first things to do is to talk with other divorcees. These people can usually be found by contacting a local support group and the names and contact numbers can usually be acquired by contacting your county assistance center or office.

If you are in distress or feel you are in danger, let the county authorities know immediately. DO NOT try to hide it and hope the threat goes away! Use the contact numbers and tell them why you are calling them. By talking with current divorcees, you can find out which divorce attorney is recommended. Look for a attorney group, one that has several attorneys available and will set up free consultations with them to find out if any meet your standards. Check on attorney records in the court system. The proceeding records and summaries are available through any county court system.

You might have to complete a release of information request to view them and you might have to go to the county clerks office to view them, but they are public records except in extraordinary cases where the judge sealed the records. Anything that is settled in the case the first time can be challenged in an appeal should you lose the case. Nevertheless, usually, once the divorce is granted, you have little recourse in re-opening the case unless there is very strong mitigation or litigation due to cause, representation, significant errors or omissions. By doing some research and locating a divorce attorney that you are comfortable with and who seems to truly have your interests in mind, and on paper, you can expect them to give you solid, helpful and encouraging advice on your divorce case and what to expect and plan for in the future.

What to expect? First, the divorce attorney will want to know what is going on in the relationship between you and your spouse. You must be perfectly HONEST with them. Even though your attorney may not need to bring something into the matter, if you leave something out and you did not reveal something to them, it may hurt you during the divorce proceedings. Tell your attorney everything that is causing the distress and what has violated the trust in the marriage. Things caused by your spouse and things that may be the problem between the two of you that you may be responsible for, but tell them everything. This will give your divorce attorney an idea about what to put into the request for divorce and what things they may need to be prepared to defend against at the hearing.

If the attorney is experienced in divorce cases, you will not surprise them, they have probably heard everything you can tell them many times before. Remember that the majority of divorces are filed without contest as the divorce attorneys of both parties have worked out mutual terms that both parties agree upon and it is a matter of signatures, filing with the court and the divorce judge signing the final decree based on the mutual agreement. If it goes to trial, actually a hearing in most cases, then anything in your past together may be brought up in a public forum, unless there is some reason it needs to be heard in closed quarters. However, this is best determined by your divorce attorney after they know all the facts and prepares your case.

Do the research; contact other divorcees; check for divorce support groups; find a well-qualified and experienced divorce attorney; be completely honest. By your doing these actions, getting a divorce will be much easier to accomplish.